Download videos from YouTube and more with MP3 Rocket for PC

MP3 Rocket is a program for PC that works perfectly for downloading videos of off YouTube and also for converting MP3 files.

This is the perfect program for those of you who find themselves often without an Internet connection and have an obsession with YouTube videos. This pretty much encompasses anyone who uses the Internet ever, but it’s obvious that some people enjoy spending hours on YouTube more than others. Most think of it as simply a place where all cat videos go, but there is even educational content and entire movies that can be watched with this great site. With this program, you won’t have to fuss over your Internet connection whenever you want to watch a specific video on YouTube.

Of course, MP3 Rocket is also an MP3 converter. One cool feature is that users can preview music and video files while they are being downloaded. Thanks to that option, they can discard any unwanted file by stopping it from further download, and saving their valuable time. It is also a great way to check the quality of a file before completely downloading it. Once a great quality file is found and downloaded, it can then be shared with other users via a library that uses the Digital Audio Access Protocol. This makes it easier for everyone to download files, as they can read descriptions and comments to check on the quality and then download it faster based on how many other users are connected.

One last feature of this program is the “time-shifting” technology that users can take advantage of. This lets users record broadcasts on the Internet just like TiVo can be used to record TV shows that are aired live. This way, you can watch content at a time more convenient for you rather than when it is being broadcast. No spyware or adware are included in the software. However, users still need to have updated virus protection software installed, since the data come from multiple clients who could be virus carriers.

Download MP3 Rocket free for PC and download YouTube videos and more.

• Can download any YouTube videos
• Can be used to convert MP3 files
• Huge library and file sharing system
• “Time-shifting” technology

• May use up a lot of resources
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Type Freeware

Version 7.4.1

Size 1.6 MB

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