MPlayer Full Package


MPlayer Full Package

The best open source media player for Windows is now here. Introducing the MPlayer Full Package for Windows! It offers support to more than 192 video and more than 85 audio codecs. Its installer can accommodate different CPU types ensuring maximum performance upon installation. MPlayer Full Package contains MPlayer for Win 32, SVN-r25803 (2008-01-19), SMPlayer front-end by RVM with the version of v0.5.62 (SVN-r693), MPUI front-end by Martin Fiedler with the version of v1.2-pre3 (Build 38) and Installer created with NSIS with the version of v2.34. And unlike the light package version, MPlayer Full Package also includes the Binary Codec Package for MPlayer (2007-10-07). You need not get any other media player for your Windows because the best is now here. Grab a copy of the MPlayer Full Package today.
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Type Freeware

Version 0.6.9

Size 14.85 MB

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