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Team up and take on the toughest drivers in Need for Speed Carbon

by Chloe Slye imageChloe Slye 2012-09-18
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Need for Speed Carbon is the sequel to the famous racing game Need for Speed Most Wanted. This time the character returns to Palmont, his native city, to recover control of the streets.

In this edition you won’t compete individually, instead you’ll have to choose the members of the gang you’ll lead. Thus you’ll ensure greater support in each competition, and it will be easier to win.

Besides, from now on you’ll not only be able to customize your car combining a model and a color, you’ll also be able to build vehicle parts. Thanks to the new “autosculpt” system offered by the game, you’ll greatly improve the car’s performance.

In Need for Speed Carbon there are 6 types of races. 'Radar,' where you must overcome all the speed traps in the shortest time, 'Sprint,' in which the set goal is to come first in one fast race, 'Circuit,' to which ou run several laps around a specified course, 'Control Point,' where you compete in a larger circuit of interwoven paths, 'Drift,' which sees players slam on the brakes and pull the car sideways around sharp bends without oversliding the markers, and 'Canyon' where you race down dangerous cliff-faces and severed roads against harsh competition.  

As always, this title will surprise you once more with its excellence in 3-dimensional graphics and lighting, superb story-lines and mission sequencing, as well as its killer original soundtrack.

Sure as anything, if you love racing-games and fast cars, then you should definitely download Need for Speed Carbon.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Excellent races, objectives and plot
  • Top-class soundtrack
  • Team play can be confusing
  • Demo version with limited tracks and cars


Anonymous: This game is a nice sequel of Most Wanted with some features that refresh the classic Need For Speed style (team play) and the improved graphics are awesome. For me, the best part is that the plot keeps some characters from Most Wanted but in other city.

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Need for Speed Carbon


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