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Nero Burning Rom is the perfect Disc Burning software suite to perform back ups, disk images, digital photo albums and so much more in CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. Nero Burning Rom will protect the information you want to keep safe.

This application stands out by offering several possibilities relating to recording information. On the one hand, it is important that you understand what sorts of contents you want to record, since Nero Burning Rom offers different options for data, audio files, video files, ISO images or compressed archives. You’ll even be able to generate a mixed disc that includes, for example, photos and audiovisual files, or texts and executable files in the same place.

From here, the possibilities are infinite. You can record your favorite movies on DVD, or generate an original CD with your favorite MP3 files or music. Nero Burning Rom also gives you options to make an identical copy of an existing CD or DVD. In these cases, the program will extract the contents from the discs and you decide whether you want to save them to your computer or store them on a new disc.
One of this application’s main benefits is its functionality and ease of use. Any user, no matter how novice, will quickly understand the steps required to create a new disc. For a start, you have to import all the files to the main interface, and Nero Burning Rom will tell you whether the disc inserted into the computer has enough space to store those files.

If you want to record large documents or folders that won’t fit on a single disc, you can use Nero DiskSpan, a feature that will automatically split your files and ask you for as many discs as are required to complete the recording. That way, once it fills a CD or DVD, it will fragment the files and continue as soon as you insert the next one, and so on, until it finishes.

Once you have chosen the contents, the program will offer some configuration options, where you can choose the processing speed, decide whether to use a multisession disc or not, include a customized name and work with different audio and video formats. Finally, you simply have to click on the button “Burn now”: within seconds, you’ll get a new disc with your favorite files in the best quality.

This latest Nero version includes an extremely useful tool, called SecurDisk. With it, the physical protection of all discs is ensured, since it tries to make it possible to play them back with total fidelity, even if the discs fall or gets scratched.

Finally, it should be noted that Nero Burning Rom presents a dynamic and intuitive design, in which any user will feel comfortable. Nero Burning Rom is an excellent program for multimedia recording, with which you can record movies and music simply and quickly.

  • Security and quality tools
  • Supports different types of files
  • Dynamic and functional interface
  • Wide range of options
  • Supports CD, DVD and Blu-ray
  • Does not include many customization options
  • Demand of PC resources is above average

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Is there any better and easier way to burn CD, DVD or Blu-Ray? Nero is the answer. Nero is the classic burning software that every user must try. I will keep on using it forever.

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