ooVoo is a powerful Internet communication platform. Now you’ll be able to send text, files and make videocalls for free, from your computer or mobile phone.

This software works by transferring data, so you only need a microphone and a set of speakers to communicate with whomever you want, anywhere in the world, without any restrictions. ooVoo will let you record conversations in real time and with an excellent quality.

Start using it

You simply have to download the program, create a user and start adding your friends to let them communicate with you. This application will let you import contacts from your instant messaging server, social networks and email to make it easier to find them.

ooVoo has a simple and user-friendly interface developed in 3D, so you won’t have any trouble finding the different functions it has for you. It has an enormous number of tools that won’t cease to surprise you; for example, the ability to share your desktop in real time to show the user on the other side of the conversation everything you want to.

Functions available in the program

With ooVoo you’ll be able to make voice calls between two computers or to a landline (paying a small fee), send text messages, photographs and videos. Some features that stand out are conference calls with groups of up to 12 people at a time, a voice button for when you aren’t available, call forwarding and transfer.

• Intuitive interface
• Wide range of options
• Video call recording
• High transmission quality
• The possibility to share a desktop

• Requires a fast Internet connection
• Uses a lot of system resources
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Type Freeware


Size 2.28 MB

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