PES 2013


PES 2013

PES 2013 is the latest edition of the popular football game from Konami.

The Japanese company made sure that this year the demos of the latest edition of the famous Winning Eleven are available, with improvements and new elements that will modify your experience. Its realism and gameplay are a serious competition for FIFA 13, the next title from the rival franchise.

What’s new in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

The most important change in PES 13 is the new ball control system. The developers’ main objective was to achieve greater gameplay realism. Therefore, now you’ll have total freedom to handle the ball, carry out passes and shoot against the goal, without any sort of restrictions.

PES FullControl (PES FC) gives you freedom of movement from the first touch. You’ll be able to choose between different ways to receive the ball, stopping passes, slowing down the ball, raising it or protecting it from a rival player. Your passes and shots will also be totally up to you, since you have to adjust the height and strength to determine the distance.

The defensive system was also updated, to make it much more dynamic and to adapt to the new ball control style. You’ll also enjoy new controls for the goalkeepers; this will not only let you defend yourself better, but also create new attack opportunities.

Another element worth mentioning is each of the players’ individuality. Player ID will let you recognize each one by just seeing how he moves on the field, with or without the ball. The company studied over 50 of the world’s best football players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, to perfectly imitate their movements.

On the other hand, an excellent improvement in PES 2013 is the updates in artificial intelligence, both in your team and in the rival one. ProActive AI ensures that all matches are better balanced, and feel much closer to reality. The teams move forwards and backwards on the field in a much more organized way, keeping a defensive line. Besides, the reaction to losing the ball is much faster, contributing to an exciting and fun experience. All the players adapt much faster to the advances in the match, and you’ll no longer find many of the absurd elements from previous versions.

On the other hand, it has already been confirmed that various leagues and competitions will be in the game. In Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 you’ll be able to participate in Spain’s Primera División, the Erededivisie of the Netherlands and the French Ligue 1, as well as England’s Barclays Premiere League, the Italian Serie A and the Portuguese Liga ZON Sagres. With respect to competitions, you’ll be able to climb positions in the Santander Libertadores Cup, the Champions League, the UEFA, the UEFA Super Cup and the UEFA Europa League.

Game modes in PES 2013

In PES 13 you’ll be able to enjoy all the improvements and novelties in different game and competition types. Whether alone or with friends, you’ll encounter various options to improve your abilities and win matches.

For a start, the training mode will guide you while you learn the new game system. This is an excellent practice to master the new ways to control the ball, before putting them into practice. It´s also ideal to carry out casual matches or just to train a while.

“Football Life” is a term that encompasses various game modes. In “Master League” and “Master Online League” you’ll be the team manager: you’ll control training sessions, advertisement, players´ transferences and negotiations in general. On the other hand, in “Be a Legend”, you’ll become a football player. You’ll have to pay attention to your weaknesses and improve them, if you want a position as a permanent player.

On the other hand, you’ll have online modes, in which you’ll compete against players from all over the world. The competitions are divided by continent, country and city, and you’ll always see other users connected in a specific area. But you’ll be able to create your own community and include just the users you want. You’ll also be able to set up your own leagues, send messages and challenge other users, among other things.

It should be noted that the system to classify players has been completely updated, making it much easier to find other users that are at your same level. That means that the matches will be much more balanced and fun for everybody. Finally, once the matches are over, you’ll have access to the statistics, with information about possession, the major goal shooters, results and score, which you can then publish on Facebook.

In summary, PES 2013 promises a large variety of improvements that will transport you to the playing field with more realism than ever. While you wait for the release of this outstanding title, you can download this video that we offer you, with more details about the game.

• Various game modes
• More realism with ball control
• Differentiated players
• Proactive artificial intelligence

• Few leagues have been confirmed
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