Pokemonium is an innovative MMORPG that will make you relive the most exciting adventures of the Pokémon franchise. In this game you’ll become your own team’s trainer, and you’ll have to earn medals with your monsters.

For the fans of the traditional Japanese anime and of its different products, Pokemonium is a very interesting alternative to PWO (Pokémon World Online), that places you right into the world of these little combat monsters. It also lets you interact with other players that embark on this adventure, and trade with them.

New possibilities of an online Pokémon RPG

Though similar to other online Pokémon games, this title will offer you more possibilities than mere confrontations. This functions include the possibility to use its chat service, increasing socialization and constant updates with other users, and competition between online players.

In this Pokémon MMO you’ll be able to choose among the different Pokémon available at the start (except for Pikachu), as well as the region in which the match starts. Besides, in the game you’ll get points for effort that will help you get valuable rewards.

All we have to add is that Pokemonium Beta is free to play, ensuring you a free entertainment. However, it should be noted that it´s a beta version, since it´s still in development. This means that new and attractive functionality will be added continuously, however, it´s also possible for some bugs to appear during the game.

In summary, if you are a passionate Pokémon player and you are always looking for better alternatives, you should download Pokemonium and experience more possibilities to have fun.

• Innovative Pokémon-inspired role-playing game
• Chat service
• The possibility to choose the initial Pokémon
• Free to play
• Socialization with other players

• Since it is a beta, some errors may appear
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Type Freeware

Version 1.4.0

Size 63.75 MB

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