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Pou for PC is a pet simulation game for the computer that demands your love, care and attention!

Do you miss the days when Tamagotchis were all the rage? Were you the sort of person with a loving disposition that strived to keep your electronic pet alive? Well now there is a new electronic pet for your PC that is looking for your love! Pou for PC is an adorable and lovable pet that is similar to a Tamagotchi, but with piles more charm!

This is certainly a game for the caring and kind hearted! Pou is a cute little creature that is crying out for your love and attention, how he develops and grows is down to your care.

Once you have your Pou, make sure to feed it and bathe it! Then take it to the games room to have a little fun, with over 7 games to choose from. Win gold coins playing games with your Pou and use them to buy potions, toys, outfits, and more. Once you have enough coins, check out what outfits are available and dress your Pou to the nines! You can even change the wallpaper of each of their rooms. Later, go to the lab and make potions for your Pou to make them healthier, more energetic, and, of course, happier!

You must make sure that their 4 basic needs are met: food, health, fun, and energy. As you care for them, they will level up and become more mature. Make sure to use your coins wisely, but if you don´t have enough from playing games, you can always buy more. Download Pou for PC now, a true pet simulation game and relive those childhood Tamagotchi memories!

  • Very easy to play
  • Lots of fun games to play
  • Lots of items to unlock
  • Kind of repetitive after a while


How to Install and play Pou on your PC with BlueStacks

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