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Pou is an app that sees you taking care of a digital pet.

Like the infamous Tamagotchi, it is very entertaining trying to keep it alive. You need to make sure you're feeding it, playing with it and keeping it in top shape by bathing them and giving them medicine when sick. You can unlock achievements and special items for being a good caregiver. Pou is a fun way to kill time. 

When you have ownership of your pet, you can name it and customize it. You can even find it items to wear like hats. You should make sure to pay close attention to all of your pets needs including its happiness. For example, if you leave it on its own for too long it could die of lonliness. You can earn gold coins by playing mini-games with themt!

Download Pou if you loved Tamagotchi and want something similar for your phone!


  • Name your pet however you want
  • Customize your pet´s appearance
  • Customize your pet’s room, experiment with potions in the lab
  • Play games in the game room and collect coins, unlock achievements and special items
  • Nothing noteworthy
  • Requires Android 1.6 or higher


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