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PowerPoint 2013 is the new version of Microsoft’s presentation program for PC and is part of the Office 2013 suite.

New to this version of the acclaimed software is the large variety of themes for which you can choose to apply to your presentations. You can tweak and edit them making them as unique as possible. There are fantastic guide lines to help you make the most visually dynamic and captivating demonstrations, proposals, launches, and exhibitions. The best thing about it all is that you can add videos to PowerPoint, embed audio files, arrange images and animations and use icons, among other multimedia elements. Moreover can design your presentations in a panoramic version that beautifully immerses your audience in a 360° scope of the thing you wish to show-off.

You can create a dynamic and striking presentation for your audience. There are countless tools designed to help you impress viewers. With access to the exclusive “presenter view” you’ll see all slides as well as a number of special options. Meanwhile, your audience, will only see what you select. This makes the representation as a whole appear professional as the motion is entirely fluid and organized. For instance you’ll be able to select any slide, zoom in and emphasize specific points to attract the viewers’ attention where you need it.

As PowerPoint 2013 is part of the Office 365 suite, you’ll also find tools and functions designed to improve connectivity. With this application it will be easier for you to work with others and to access their projects from anywhere, since by default, files are saved in Microsoft Skydrive. If you want to work in a group, you must simply send all the members a link to the file, as well as the editing rights to let them modify the most recent version of the presentation. As in previous versions, it´s possible to leave comments and markers as well as to reply to other users.

PowerPoint 2013 is an essential application that you should definitely download!

  • Large number of themes and variations
  • Improved editing functions
  • Presenter view
  • Simplified shared use
  • Integration with SkyDrive
  • Can be a little more complex to use for those who aren't as computer-comfortable


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