Design and create professional publications with this excellent application from Microsoft.

Publisher 2013 is the latest edition of Microsoft’s design program. It´s part of the Office 2013 suite, therefore it includes a renewed interface, adequate for the Windows 8 Metro style.

What is Microsoft Publisher used for?

From its beginning, this layout tool was used to create simple designs, working with both text and images. Its tools are especially useful to arrange a large number of elements in a certain amount of space, making it ideal to create publications, from pamphlets to magazines.

One of its main benefits is that it includes a large number of templates and models, as well as recommended styles that will help you achieve an appropriate layout. You’ll not only be able to select the publication type and the page dimensions from the beginning, you’ll also find suggestions for the text position and size, the images, advertisements and other items. On the other hand, you’ll have tools to format text and apply various effects to attract the reader’s attention.

Basically, Microsoft Publisher is an essential tool for any editor. Although the Adobe products suite is one of the most used ones in this area, the Office application is very effective for anybody who wants to achieve an efficient design without messing around with superfluous options and tools.

What’s new in Publisher 15

Launched with the new Office version, the editor adds a variety of changes and new functions, mainly aimed at sharing and publishing work. Although the interface was redesigned, you’ll find that most of the tools are where you expect them to be, so if you have experience with any of the previous versions, you won’t have trouble adapting to Publisher 2013 Preview.

What undoubtedly attracts attention more than anything else in this edition is its new integration with cloud functions. The first thing you’ll notice is that, just like the rest of the Office 365 suite, you’ll be able to save and access your projects in SkyDrive, regardless of where you are working.

On the other hand, the way to manipulate images to include them in the page was made much more agile. For example, Publisher 365 lets you import and insert files directly from the Internet, using services such as Flickr, Bing, Skydrive and the Office page itself. You’ll also be able to apply photographs as a background, by simply double-clicking and choosing whether you want a full page or a mosaic.

The way to export pages and projects was also renewed, and new options were included. Thus, you’ll save your work both in the TIFF and in the JPEG format, letting you modify the images later with any graphic editor. You’ll also be able to export publications in HTML and PDF (choosing different qualities) or older PUB formats that ensure compatibility with other programs.

In summary, Publisher 2013 returns with excellent online functions and convenient options to speed up your work. Besides, since it integrates without any problem with the other applications in the suite and with various Microsoft services, it will help you increase your productivity.

Download Publisher 2013 for free!

• Integrated online functions
• Various options to export projects
• Compatibility with older applications
• Integration with the suite’s applications

• Doesn’t include many new tools

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Type Shareware

Version Preview (15.0.4128)

Size 487.11 kB

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