Ensure all your files and pages are together with this handy utility tool


  • Handy organizational software
  • Add 4 panels to Explorer


  • Confusing at the start.

Q-Dir is file management software for Internet Explorer that you can download for free to your PC. If you’re the type of computer user that likes to keep your files organized but accessible then you need to download Q-Dir this instant.

This useful application is notably lightweight, at 783KB. The Q-Dir screen display contains a four panel display which you can alter to contain just three if that suits your needs better. Each pane can contain as many tabs as you desire, you can add tabs by tapping Ctrl+T and then Crtl+Tab to swap tabs.

Q-Dir also allows you to customize, there are a number of different color themes for you to choose from. These include a variety of dark and Barbie pink themes.

Although juggling different panels to organize your files and transfers can initially feel confusing it does become a lot easier and helps you work much faster. Q-Dir is the perfect application for the fio file freaks!

Q-Dir icon

Type Freeware

Version 7.07

Size 616.09 kB

Other versions

7.07 7.05 7.03 7.02 6.99.4