Create stories from your photos and videos, easily

To start talking about RealTimes, it is suitable to be exhaustive with one point: RealTimes is not RealPlayer, it is a different program. Still it retains some of the attributes of that old classic world of computers, but the deal about RealTimes is absolutely new.

Basically, it is a utility that lets you create stories from your photos and videos. The interesting thing is that then you can share these stories in other devices, you pass them on to friends or just save them to enjoy later.

In current times, the use of RealAudio and RealVideo formats have been somewhat obsolete since most computer systems have opted for the use of other more open and compatible technologies. This led to conversion from RealNetworks (RealTimes developers) try to find a new market for these important technologies at the time, which came included in RealPlayer.

The advantage of digital content is that we can make as many copies as we can come and share them in seconds; but the trouble is that a little mistake can leave you without your memories. So RealTimes has devised a system where you can put your memories in the cloud, so they are completely safe, and then display them on any device.

If you have multiple devices, you can synchronize them with RealTimes. Your photos and videos will be available on all of them automatically, giving you the possibility to include new material in your stories, add music, drop filters and transitions, and much more. To share those stories is very simple, because RealTimes lets you choose if you keep them in private, if only selected users can see them or whether it is public and you allow access to anyone.

RealTimes has become more "social" than its ancestor, and overflown with features that are designed to make your content live forever.

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