Scrolls: Mojang


Card collecting game turned strategy game by the makers of Minecraft


  • Great for card collecting gamers
  • 3 ways to play: casual, ranked, or tournament
  • Online community with players from all over the world


  • Gameplay can become a little repetitive

Scrolls: Mojang is a game from the makers of Minecraft. The basic idea is that you build up a digital deck of cards that acts as your army. Each card has a specific warrior on it with unique strengths and of course weaknesses. The objective is to send your army to battle in casual matches with another player, a ranked game or tournament. 

Scrolls: Mojang is easy to get the hang of. There is a an online community as well as support for new players. There are thousands playing the world over which is the best part. Download Scrolls: Mojang and become part of this gaming revolution.


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Type Freeware

Version 0.94.3

Size 2.22 MB

Other versions

0.94.3 Alpha 0.11