Slender 7th Street


Slender 7th Street

Slender 7th Street is one more of theterror action games popularized by the Slenderman saga. In this sixth edition you’ll have to get ready to search for eight pages, written by the villain’s victims, in the streets of a sinister city.

Just as with the other titles in this series of indie games (among which you can already enjoy Slender 3, Slender: Prison and SlendermanShadow: Hospice), in this edition you’ll have to go through the same risky mission of finding the notes, but without losing sight of the fact that Slenderman follows your steps to catch you.

New Slenderman game: 7th Street

This time you’ll notice some changes when avoiding the series’ sinister character, since in Slender 7th Street you’ll go through the streets of a fearful city. However, you should realize that here, too, you should move carefully, since in any interstice, you might be found by the monster.

Just as in each of the other titles, in this one, Slender Man’s Shadow, the noteworthy and realistic 3D graphics continue surprising, making the entire story even more fearful. It turns out that in addition to avoiding the faceless humanoid with the long arms, there is an atmosphere of increasing tension.

Finally, and considering that the saga is expanding, you shouldn’t miss any title, since each one has new sceneries and renews the enemy’s mystery. So, don’t hesitate in downloading Slender 7th Street.

• Sinister atmosphere and environment
• New scenery
• Realistic 3D graphics

• The game’s essence doesn’t change
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Type Freeware

Version 1.1

Size 122.45 MB

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