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Snood is a fun puzzle game for the entire family, in the best style of Bubble...

Os: Windows Type: Shareware Ver.: 4.0
Snood is a fun puzzle game for the entire family, in the best style of Bubble Shooter.

In Snood you’ll encounter a scenery full of fun bubbles, that you’ll have to eliminate by joining them in groups of three or more. You’ll have a shooting arrow in the lower part of the screen, with which you’ll be able to determine the shot direction to join the spheres according to their color.

This title includes different game variants:
• Your shot will make the bubbles explode by combining them in groups of three, by color.
• The chosen color breaks around the other spheres, but they form a new row below the others.
• Your shot will make the bubbles fall and disappear under their path.

Keep in mind that as you advanced levels, the difficulty will increase. Get experience and practice to be able to decide which game strategy is best to win.

It should be noted that the Snood interface and design are quite user-friendly, since it is oriented to small children, although if you are older you will still find it addictive.

Finally, this game is available for mobile devices. That means you’ll be able to enjoy this application on your phone and, if you want, measure your forces against your friends thanks to the new multiplayer mode.

• Intuitive interface
• Various hours of continuous playing
• Attractive soundtrack
• Multiplayer support

• Action can be repetitive
• Deficient help module

Snood limitations:
• Restricted features


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