Spore is a life simulation game with elements of strategy, that will let you experience evolution, from unicellular beings to space exploration.

This title will place you in the position of taking primeval organisms to help them getting more complex and developing. Evolution will result in the creation of civilizations that will later get involved in space exploration.

Your objective in Spore will be to reach the center of the Universe and defeat a race of cyborgs called Grox. But first you will define the characteristics of your living beings, of its population and later culture.

Spore is a game that will not only give you a new vision of the evolutionary process, but also offer you hours of fun.


- Complete editors for every stage
- Original thematic
- Active community that develops new elements


- In some cases you stop being a player and become a spectator
- The length of the game is reduced

Spore limitations:

- Restricted features
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