Terraria lets you explore a limitless fantasy world in a great adventure game

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Terraria is an exciting exploration and adventure open-world sandbox  game for your PC.

If you are a fan of Lego then you should play Terraria, a digital version of the block building game that offers countless magical, combative features that only a video game can provide! Start building a brand new world from scratch.

Terraria begins with a blank canvas, the type of world it becomes is up to you! Depending on how ambitious you are you can choose to play using a small, medium or large size world. In Terraria you can explore, ward of enemies with the weapons you create, dig underground and discover all sorts of astonishing treasures!

One of the main objectives of Terraria is to build. You must build houses, forts, castles for your inhabitants. Once you have established a location and begun building, you can explore the land and discover how to manipulate and create a high functioning and advanced world.

However, your inhabitants of Terraria must beware for there are many hostile creatures that are intent on destroying your civilizations! The type of enemy creature that attacks is dependent on the region you are in, the time of day and various other factors that only gameplay will reveal! Watch out for the dreaded wrath of the zombies and slimes upon your creations and be sure to build an adequate defence

One of the most interesting and convenient features of Terraria is that you can disable all fighting. This means that you can concentrate solely on building your fantastic world and not have to worry about nasty monster destroying your wares! Perfect for the pacifist!

Similar to Minecraft, Terraria focuses more on the gameplay than the graphics. As a result the visuals are 2D  blocky and rudimentary, not the prettiest to look at but they still retain a certain charm similar to retro Nintendo games. Terraria is a game that triumphs because it is imaginative and addictive, not because of the way it looks.

One of the best features of Terrraria is that it allows you to create a world and then invite your friends to join and enter your land! This multi-player option provides an extra social element to the game and encourages you to develop your civilization so that it is both pragmatic and impressive.

Download Terraria free for PC and enjoy this amazing exploration-adventure game!

  • Build your own civilization
  • Multi-player option
  • Combat features
  • Option to disable combat
  • Basic 2D graphics
  • First levels only available with this free download


Anonymous: is this game any good all my friends say yes but is it really

18-01-2012 8

Anonymous: Terraria is a funny game. I love to play it with my friends. It's a bit simple but effective when it comes to entertain.

18-06-2015 1

Anonymous: you need to download .net framework

23-02-2012 4

Anonymous: its very boring when you start playing it but when you get stronger it gets funner

15-02-2012 4

Anonymous: how the heck do i play it

08-02-2012 -1

Anonymous: awesome!!!

07-01-2012 2
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