The Walking Dead: 400 Days


Play and uncover the stories of five new characters in The Walking Dead: 400 Days for PC

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is a new downloadable installment for The Walking Dead Season One that follows the stories of five new characters as they try to survive the first 400 days of the apocalypse.

This new addition is set in about the same time period as that of Season One, but follows five completely new characters from the first day of the apocalypse to the 400th. It takes place in Georgia still and focuses on one truck stop in particular. There are of course flashbacks to things that happened in Season One and players will find that decisions they made and actions they took while playing Season One will in turn have an effect on what happens as you play 400 Days. In turn, how players handle 400 Days will have an effect on Season Two as well.

In The Walking Dead: 400 Days, each character has their own story. Most of them are centered around that truck stop on a Georgia highway, but they are quite open stories. One character in particular, Vince, is in a rather interesting situation. He has been convicted of an unknown crime, and is stuck on a prison bus with a group of other prisoners. They are chained to their seats, which will become a problem as the apocalypse has just begun. It will be extremely interesting to see how his story plays out and how he manages to survive, if he does.

The gameplay and game mechanics are very similar to those of Season One, so players who excelled or enjoyed that will be content. The main difference is really that the story is not linear at all, and is rather five different stories. Players can choose from these five characters, but there is no way of knowing at which point of their particular stories the characters are. This makes for an extremely interesting gaming session. Once all of the characters’ stories are played, players will be able to put together more or less what happened during those first 400 days of the apocalypse and predict what might happen next.

This downloadable content has not been released yet, but it is said that it will be in July of this year. Until then, download and enjoy a free The Walking Dead: 400 Days wallpaper and prepare yourself for an epic new zombie adventure.
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