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Trojan Remover is a security tool that analyzes the system searching for computer...

Os: Windows Type: Shareware Ver.: 6.9.3
Trojan Remover icon Trojan Remover is a security tool that analyzes the system searching for computer threats. Thus, it is able to detect and remove malicious applications such as Trojans, worms, rootkits and any suspicious file that common antivirus programs can’t eliminate.

The secret of the power of Trojan Remover is in the comprehensiveness of its analyses. It scans every critical sector that has a certain importance for the system’s operation: load modules, startup programs and resident memory.

In case Trojan Remover detects the presence of a dangerous or harmful element, it will automatically take care of removing it, no matter how widespread is the threat within the system. Thus, the user will save the job of restarting in safe mode and manually removing traces of the malicious component later.

To top it off, Trojan Remover has a complete help module that will serve as a reference in case there is an infection. Undoubtedly, this tool is essential for the PC’s total protection.

• Fast and precise analyses
• Database updated continuously

• Doesn’t allow many manual adjustments

Trojan Remover limitations:
• 30-day trial


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