Experience intense melee combat in Uberstrike for PC


  • Awesome multiplayer mode
  • Tons of weapons to choose from
  • Lots of different scenes
  • Very customizable
  • Works with many social networks


  • Gameplay can get reptitive and boring

Uberstrike is an online FPS game for PC that lets you experience intense melee combat in tons of different scenarios.

This is a game that is designed with social networks in mind. It is completely compatible with Facebook and mobile devices, which makes the multiplayer mode that much more exciting. You will be able to play with anyone from around the world, but of course with no more than 15 others at a time. Once you have your team assembled, keep in mind that the gameplay is similar to that of games like Team Fortress 2 and other first-person shooters. It’s all about gaining experience to level up and unlock new content like weapons and more.

Speaking of weapons, in Uberstrike Online there are over 300 weapons that can be unlocked for in-game purchase as you level up. That’s a whole lot of weapons if you ask me. There are also tons of different maps to check out, each one as unique as the next. These different maps mean you can play totally different matches each time depending on the map so you won’t get bored. The maps range from islands and mountains to cellars and urban areas. Make sure to visit the in-game shop between matches to upgrade and buy weapons and more.

Don’t forget to customize your character! The game provides tons of different customization options so you can create a character that you relate to, or create one that is completely bizarre. No matter how strange your character looks, however, the realism of the game is really pronounced, especially in terms of the audio and sound effects. Add that to the fact that you can chat with your teammates and other players with the in-game chat and you might even forget you are in the real world. This is truly a first-person shooter that is not to be missed.

Download Uberstrike free for PC and jump into the action!

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Type Freeware

Version 4.3.9

Size 167.16 MB

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