Record videos with the webcam and add funny and surprising effects

Video Booth is a webcam program that will let you take your own images and video clips with the webcam and add intelligent effects. To run the software, you’ll have to open its location, search for the files you want and select them with a single click. You’ll be able to take a single photograph, or use the “continuous shots” feature, which captures four images, one after the other. On the other hand, you’ll know the exact moment when the photograph is taken, thanks to the blinking of the screen with the final image.

With respect to video clips, Video Booth will also be effective and easy to use, since when you click on the corresponding option, it will take a certain time to start recording. Outstanding in this tool are its stability, the available effects and the possibility to publish directly on Facebook or Twitter.

In summary, Video Booth is the best alternative to take photographs and record videos from the computer while adding effects and sceneries. Download Video Booth for free and start working on your own creations!

• Application to capture photographs and videos from the PC
• Multiple effects to add
• Very effective function to shoot continuously
• Stable video recorder
• Let you share directly on social networks

• Its tasks might be too basic

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Type Freeware


Size 9.87 MB

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