Create and share your own short looping videos with Vine for Android

Vine is a social video app for Android devices that lets you create your own short looping videos to share via the Vine social network

These videos that you can create can be compared to the popular GIFs that are all over the Internet these days. They are essentially the same, except you can make them yourself with footage you recorded with your Android device.

Once you have a video uploaded to the Vine social network, the real fun starts. Now your friends who are also part of this network can watch your video, like, and comment on it. Check your Activity Tab to see who has commented, liked, or seen your videos. If you want you can even share your video on Twitter.

Go on and check out the other videos posted up on Vine, including trending posts, featured hashtags, and editor’s picks. You can easily follow the videos of your friends and family as well and like, comment on, and share them. You may even find interesting people to follow just through exploring different videos.

Watching Vine videos is really easy: just scroll down to a video you want to watch, and once it is on the screen it will start to play. To pause, just tap on the screen and tap again to resume. Adding comments and liking videos is also super easy.

Download Vine free for Android and start creating and sharing your own short videos!

Vine Features:
• Create short looping videos
• Share them on the Vine social network
• Follow other users
• Share videos on Twitter

Vine Limitations:
• Requires Android 4.0 or higher
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Type Freeware

Version 5.08.1

Size 16.89 MB

Other versions

5.08.1 3.3.07 5.06.0 5.02.1 5.02.0