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WhatsApp is the leader free instant messaging program, now for PC, developed by WhatsApp Inc. to communicate instantly with friends, family and other colleagues in a fast and convenient manner. Send text messages, voice messages or make phone calls over Internet with this wonderful messenger program. 

The Epitome of Messengers

The appearance of WhatsApp marked a drastic shift in the way people viewed instant messengers. The service provided users with a chance to add contacts, set up a custom profile, and keep in touch with those contacts in real time, all facilitated by super fast servers and response times. The best part was that messaging users of the app was completely free. In light of its success, Facebook acquired the company in 2014 for a staggering $16 billion, indicative of its influence on how we communicate. Today, whether on Android or PC the program remains insanely popular and certainly is a must have for smartphone users. 

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Setting Up WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp on your PC is a brand new way to communicate using WhatsApp using a web interface, accessible via web.whatsapp.com. Getting started it pretty simple. First, you have to open your Android WhatsApp application ensuring you have the latest release of the app. Then, you must select WhatsApp Web from the settings menu. Doing so will bring up a barcode reader. Next, visit the web.whatsapp.com website and scan the barcode on screen - and that's it. After a brief loading time, your WhatsApp account will appear in a full-screen window, ready to use. 

Key Features and User Interface

The PC version takes many of the Android features and presents them in a neat, compact user interface. On the left-hand side is your profile photo as well as all ongoing conversations. For those who are unfamiliar with WhatsApp, once two people have connected on WhatsApp they can start a conversation, the chat log for which will be saved and accessed at any time. Clicking on a user will display an interface from which you can type a new message. The contacts you mosft frequently chat with are displayed at the top of your list. 

A settings button at the top contains your Profile & Status including your name (as it will appear to WhatsApp contacts), chat settings, account information, notifications, contacts, status and a Help section. You can also modify Notifications here including desktop alerts. This is similar to the Android version. Your status is just like on Facebook, allowing you to post something relevant to your life. You can also make yourself unavailable on WhatsApp if you are particularly busy. If you would like to manage your conversations, the chat log can be deleted, backed up or archived whenever you want from the Chat Settings page. Any settings you change in your Android version will also be saved in this version.

A button at the top of the screen will allow you to initiate a New Chat either with an individual or with a group. The group will then appear as a single conversation that you can add or remove users from. This is a particularly useful feature for setting up social events and other groups. These groups will remain as long as they are not closed manually by the original creator and anyone invited to the group has the option to leave at any time. 

The Verdict

WhatsApp finally comes to PC with a minimalist and simple user interface for its users. The setup is fairly quick, though be aware that it will require you to have WhatsApp installed on your Android device. All the essentials are there, from your conversation windows to contact information. A search bar lets you browse contacts as your normally would. Profile & Status lets you edit chat settings and other information at your leisure. New chats can be set up easily. Add desktop notifications for added convenience. 

Unfortunately, the WhatsApp for PC program is no longer available on Eazel.com but the Android version, WhatsApp for Android, is still available for download. The Android version offers the same great features seen in its PC counterpart, only with a much more compact user interface and smaller chat windows. There are also certain features that are optimized for the Android version. If you are interested in discovering what other features it has, the Android app is available for download here

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Totally free instant messenger with little or no lag
  • Group chat feature for arranging bigger social events
  • Extensive message log and history for contacts
  • Profile & Status lets you edit all the important settings
  • Missing some features that are available on the Android version
  • Subscription based service

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It was fun while it was available. Now you can have whatsapp in your pc using you web browser and aiming to web.whatsapp.com

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Man that is super helpful to have! Great idea, I have a bunch of char cheatsheets I use all the time, but this is a new one. just download Whatsapp for PC

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