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by Diego imageDiego 03-11-2015
Os: Windows Type: Freeware Ver.: 2.11.506
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WhatsApp for PC is for real, now. This software puts an end to those people who had to stop doing whatever they were on to grab their smart phones and send or reply WhatsApp messages. Isn’t it wonderful?

WhatsApp for PC: the definitive solution for your PC to have WhatsApp

Get ready for a new experience on your PC: send and receive messages, audio clips, videos and much more with WhatsApp for PC. Emulate the mobile experience of WhatsApp on your computer and get the best of both worlds.

In order to improve your user experience, WhatsApp for PC lets you send content from your PC to your friends and family. Share those funny pictures and comic videos from the comfy computer over WhatsApp with just dragging and dropping files.

WhatsApp for PC is a comfortable way of using WhatsApp in your PC. As simple as that sounds.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Totally free instant messenger with little or no lag
  • Group chat feature for arranging bigger social events
  • Extensive message log and history for contacts
  • Profile & Status lets you edit all the important settings
  • Missing some features that are available on the Android version
  • Subscription based service


Anonymous: It was fun while it was available. Now you can have whatsapp in your pc using you web browser and aiming to web.whatsapp.com

06-18-2015 11:54 0

Desire Trees: Man that is super helpful to have! Great idea, I have a bunch of char cheatsheets I use all the time, but this is a new one. just download Whatsapp for PC

12-04-2014 13:58 0
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