WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp for PC


Use WhatsApp on your PC, as if it were on your mobile

Os: Windows Type: Freeware Ver.: 0.2.3699 (32-bit)

WhatsApp for PC is a now reality. The Smartphone app revolutionized the world of communication through its speed and simplicity, however you’d have to admit that it’s a pain having to look at your phone every few minutes as you’re receiving messages.

Now WhatsApp is available on your PC

WhatsApp for PC works with Windows and allows the user to hold conversations via WhatsApp whilst browsing the Internet, without the need to look away from your computer screen.
Download it for free, and chat with the most popular messenger in the world on the comfort of your PC.

Advantages for PC Users

There are a number of advantages to using WhatsApp on your PC. You can avoid data charges, especially those bulky larger files such as images or videos, to give one example. Neither do you have to periodically look from your computer to your Smartphone to read messages; in this way unnecessary distractions can be eliminated. Those who feel more comfortable typing from a keyboard will also breathe a sigh of relief that they won’t be limited by the tiny keyboard of your Smartphone. The program also retains the mobile version’s functions such as group chats and emoticons.
Do you have a microphone and camera? Well you can use those too when sending voice messages and videos any time you want. You won’t miss out on what’s going on in your groups, either, because with WhatsApp for PC you’ll be there.
Download WhatsApp for PC and get chatting with all the advantages of WhatsApp together with the advantages of chatting from your computer.

  • Supports multimedia content.
  • Send content with large memory sizes.
  • Share locations.
  • Send and receive group messages.
  • Sometimes the messages get delayed for a few seconds.


Anonymous: It was fun while it was available. Now you can have whatsapp in your pc using you web browser and aiming to web.whatsapp.com

18-06-2015 0

Desire Trees: Man that is super helpful to have! Great idea, I have a bunch of char cheatsheets I use all the time, but this is a new one. just download Whatsapp for PC

04-12-2014 0
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WhatsApp for PC


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WhatsApp for PC 0.2.3699 (32-bit) WhatsApp for PC 0.2.3699 (64-bit) WhatsApp for PC 0.2.3572 (64-bit) WhatsApp for PC 0.2.3572 (32-bit) WhatsApp for PC 0.2.3120 (64-bit)

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