Whatsapp Spy


You can now check when someone logged into Whatsapp without them knowing


  • Hide when you were last active on WhatsApp
  • See when a contact was last online without them knowing


  • May only work for some contacts

Whatsapp Spy is an application that lets you log into the texting app Whatsapp to see when a contact has last logged in without them knowing.

This application keeps the details of when you last logged into Whatsapp hidden while you check when someone you text has last logged in.  Though this is on par with disingenuous behaviour, many people who use Whatsapp wish for the opportunity to see when someone has been online without giving away that they too have been. This is down to numerous reasons depending on the person using the texting service. For example, it could be simply that they want to see if the person has sent them a text without that individual knowing that they’re wishing for them to.  

It works quite simply. After it has been installed on your mobile, start the application. On first run you will be asked to allow the application use your WI-FI and Data. When everything has been accepted and configured, there are instructions on-screen that tell you how to use the app. They will tell you to click on contact on the bottom left of the screen. Then all you have to do is click the person you wish to gather information about from your phonebook. It will then bring you to the Whatsapp conversation screen. A loading circle floats on-screen, which tells you Whatsapp Spy is working on the connection. After a few seconds you should see the time displayed in the usual place under the contacts name, and then you should click the close button to ensure that your time of log-in was not saved.

The application is a decent one and can be coupled with Hide-whatsapp-status. Download Whatsapp Spy and see when the person you’re texting last logged in without them knowing you’ve been online.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.1.02

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