Ziggy TV

Despite its name, Ziggy TV is much more than just an application to watch online television. It also lets you exchange files and get multimedia contents from the Internet.

Get connected with this P2P client

Ziggy TV works as a P2P client and connects to the Gnutella network, the same one as is used by LimeWire and Ares. This is one of the networks that have most users worldwide, so you won’t have difficulties finding any type of contents.

P2P clients work by connecting users from all over the world with one another. Once you find the file you want to download, it will start the transfer from all users that are sharing it at that moment. This is very convenient, mainly for two reasons: the first one is that, by simultaneously downloading various parts of the file from different sources, the transfer gets finished much faster. The second one is that if any of these sources get disconnected for any reason, the process continues normally from any of the other users.

With Ziggy TV you’ll get music, videos, movies and games very easily. Besides, thanks to its built-in player, you’ll preview the file before the download is finished, to make sure that it´s exactly what you are looking for, without wasting time.

Enjoy radio and television channels from all over the world

Although Ziggy TV can carry out a large number of functions, it bears its name for a reason: it connects you with television channels anywhere in the world. It also provides access to a large number of complete movies, at an excellent quality. It not only lets you see streaming content, but also search and download multimedia contents from portals such as YouTube. You’ll even be able to convert videos to MP3, to keep the audio and listen to it whenever you want.

Besides, this program gives you access to thousands of online radio stations that you can listen in real time, wherever you are, since Ziggy TV will let you access news or music stations that are located anywhere in the world, and in any language. Just as with the video contents, this application helps you find what you are looking for, since it organizes all the elements by categories.

Access Flash games

Ziggy TV has a tab reserved for Flash applications. You’ll have access to hundreds of different titles: puzzles, arcade, action and adventure games will be available and just a click away.

The best part is that you won’t need to download any extra contents or application to enjoy them, and you won’t even have to leave the software’s interface, since they will load and play in the application’s window. This is ideal to spend some time while waiting for the transfer to finish, for the streaming video you wanted to see to load or for the schedule of your favorite radio program to arrive.

All your entertainment in a single place

Ziggy TV’s great benefit is that it combines all sorts of multimedia contents in a single program. You won’t need anything else to stay entertained: music, videos and games are waiting for you, just a click away.

Although the Ziggy TV interface can turn out to be a bit overloaded, getting used to navigation is not as difficult as it seems. The different types of contents are divided by tabs, and each window has various panels to show all the important elements. You’ll even have access to a tab with popular contents, which shows the most downloaded contents by users.

In summary, Ziggy TV is a complete tool with which you’ll be entertained in a thousand different ways. Although it has some problems, it is still very convenient if you don’t want to download lots of applications to your computer. Download Ziggy TV for free!

• Wide range of options
• Converts videos to MP3
• Connected to the Gnutella network
• Tabbed browsing

• Overloaded interface
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Type Freeware

Version 3.5.5

Size 14.65 MB

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