Enjoy your mobile Rummy 101 with 101 Plus


  • Chat between players from the same table
  • Play with friends from Facebook
  • 1,000,000 players
  • Play as a guest
  • Get free chips
  • Different game modes
  • Several levels of difficulty

Enjoy your mobile Rummy 101 with 101 Plus

Rummy is a card game very attractive spread in the world now has its version for Android. Enjoy playing alone, with friends or many rivals online and chat with them while keeping intense and fun games.

Play in Facebook

101 Plus is also on Facebook for your convenience and availability. It adds your Facebook account to play on your mobile, tablet and your computer! Do not waste your progress and play anywhere, anytime.

Guaranteed fun

What makes 101 Plus so funny? The classic game options like "play now" to enter the first available table, "open table" for you to create your own game, and external aspects to the game as the variety of music to keep the atmosphere of casinos.

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Type Freeware

Version 4.2.0

Size 13.75 MB

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