Jump into an addictive and challenging platform game with 14px for Android

14px is a retro style platform game for Android devices that is super addictive and challenging.

In this game, you control a little black blob that bounces around. The idea is to get the blob from one side of the level to the other, where there is a portal. On the way, there are coins to collect and other blobs to rescue. Watch out for obstacles like ninja stars with lasers, lava, spikes, and more.

14px consists of four different worlds, each with tons of levels for a total of over 70 levels. It offers two different game control options, so you just pick whichever one suits you best. The audio is excellent and super fun.

If you want to play 14px on your PC, install BlueStacks and then download 14px. If you have an Android device, go ahead and download 14px for Android and jump into an addicting retro platform world!

14px Features:
• Excellent audio and graphics
• Four worlds with over seventy levels
• Two different game control options
• Super addictive and challenging

14px Limitations:
• Requires Android 2.2 or higher
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Type Freeware

Version 1.4

Size 11.98 MB

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