1Mind, a social network where you can find people with same interests like you


  • Very easy to use
  • A lot of people between you can choose


  • Nothing remarkable

Are you looking for people with the same interests like you? Would you like to find your soul mate or to find new friends with which to do things in common? If your answer is yes to all this questions, now you have found the best solution for all of them: download 1Mind and discover a new social network.

1Mind is an app which consists in a social network where you can find your true love or to increase your friends circle.

The working of 1Mind is very simple, so you will learn quickly how it works: you only have to register on the platform –with the option to use your Facebook account if you want- and to start to create your profile choosing between the different options that will appear on the screen which will define you. When all of this is done, you will begin to find people similar to you.
Also you will be able to make any questions to the rest of the users of the community about any subject: a hobby, a book or movie, the opinion of some event… and that way you will enclose the kind of people you want to find. Moreover, if you answer questions and surveys from other users you also will optimize your own profile in 1Mind and that way you will improve your matches.

So if you want a perfect place to meet new people without using the common social networks, give a try to 1Mind.

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Type Freeware

Version 0.78

Size 2.27 MB

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