1Password: the app to protect your online passwords


  • You can make login anyplace remembering only one password
  • You will have at your hands a useful secure password generator
  • You can use it in any OS X navigator


  • It can interfere with other apps of this kind, so if you have this kind of software installed you shoud unistall to keep alone 1Password

We are living in scrambled times, and it means that you have to have thousand eyes to look at the same time all the places. Internet has converted into a beast of communication where you can found all kind of great services, but also a problems and data stoling. For this reason you should have your passwords safed, and for this the best is 1Password, the app to safe your online passwords.

Do you have ten different passwords for many online services and you don´t remember all them? Then 1Password will take them and will joint in the same security box until you need to login. And this regardless you use Safari, Opera, Firefox or Chrome, becouse when you arrive to the login page with any of these explorers you will have at the momment the passwords. Any one will know this passwords if your Mac is used for others? No! So you can unlock the security box you will have to enter one password; this will give you access to all. Yes, memebering only one password you will have the access to all the places you are registered in.

Would you like to have this app in you Mac? Then, what are you waiting for to download  1Password?

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Type Shareware

Version 6.3.5

Size 46.39 MB

Other versions

6.3.5 6.3.2 Build 632001 6.3.1 Build 631006 6.0.2 Build 602004