Browse in a flash, personalize effortlessly, and download the world with 1st Browser


  • Multimedia administrator included.
  • Based on Chronium.
  • Lots of available options.


  • The amount of options can sometimes be overwhelming.

Often, online browsing tends to be quite monotonous; visit a couple of sites, see what’s happening on social media, listen to a bit of music and a watch a couple of videos, and done. But this can change, thanks to programs like 1st Browser.

1st Browser is a browser that has everything you need to navigate comfortably. Everyone’s familiar with Google Chrome, well 1st Browser is based on Chromium, the open code project with which Google Chrome was constructed and which forms the basis of its best features, such as the small amount of resources it consumes.

1st Browser lets you completely change it’s appearance. For example, it’s possible to access a theme gallery to change the colors of the browser. You can also choose a background for your device from a base of photos, and there’s also a number of icons to apply to the interface. But that’s not all.

Multimedia, a click away

When we leave the online world, the real world awaits us. Wouldn’t it be cool to take things that only exist online into everyday life? 1stBrowser takes the first step in doing this, in that it has an extraordinary download manager.

It’s extraordinary because it’s able to download images, videos and songs in a very special way. The images, for example, can be edited and shared with friends without the need to use an external tools. If it’s videos you want to download, you can do the same. 1stBrowser also lets you download as many songs as you want and save them in a playlist for you to listen to online or offline.

As you can see, 1stBrowser is much more than a browser; it’s a simple way to improve your internet experience, and to bring the best of the web to right your computer.  Download it now!

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Type Freeware

Version 45.0.2454.167

Size 1.98 MB

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