24me, your personal assistant to organize your life


  • The chance to do automatic and programmed electronic payments
  • A warning system for specific tasks


  • Nothing remarkable

The society where we live actually is very crazy: we have to do a lot of things every day and it can be very easy to forget something important to do: like a payment, a date… In those cases, the best you can do is to count with someone that can warn you about all the most important you have to do each day, and that someone has a name: 24me.

With 24me you will have the chance to organize better your life with all the tasks you have to do in an ordered way. The app will warn you previously about all you have to prepare before a determined event, or if you have to pay some bill and even to synchronize your contacts list, among other options.

Definitely, 24me is a great app that will help you to manage your daily tasks, both work and personal, improving your agenda with new features and with the option to make automatically some tasks in an electronic way. Don’t wait any longer: download 24me and you won’t have to worry anymore about forgetting something!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.070

Size 28.11 MB

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