32bit Web Browser


32bit Web Browser

Still using the same old web browser? Why don’t you download and try 32bit Web Browser. It is an excellent and reliable Internet Browser packed with lots of special features. It occupies little hard drive space and launches fast too. What sets 32bit Web Browser apart from other similar programs is the Smart Bookmarks feature which provides many searching options. The program also lets you import Netscape bookmarks and Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites.
Some of the program’s Key Features
• Four default options for handling New Web Browser Windows
• Four selected group lists options for handling New Web Browser Windows
• History of the last 1000 sites visited
• 5 options for docking bookmarks window
• Easily organize bookmarks
• Integrated Help system
• Runs on all Windows based OS.
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Type Shareware

Version 15.11.01

Size 1 MB

Other versions

15.11.01 12.12.07 11.12.01 11.05.01 11.02.01