360 Total Security Essential


360 Total Security Essential, multidireccional protection for your computer


  • Powerful and effective antivirus.
  • Very few commands, easy to control.
  • Five detection engines.


  • If you use all functions, it will increase the RAM used.
  • Be careful with those ‘false positives’.

360 Total Security Essential is an antivirus that offers complete protection during any activity you carry out on the computer. It deals with malicious programs, web pages with spyware, fake sites to trick you when shopping (phishing), and many other threats. 360 Total Security Essential will detect it all before it can damage your computer.

360 Total Security Essential has an advantage over its rivals in that it’s extremely easy to use. The interface is so simple and fuss-free that any user could control is as if they were an expert.

Five detection engines

One of the most curious things about 360 Total Security Essential is that it doesn’t just have one detection engine—it has five. Three of them belong to the program itself, while the other two belong to a couple of old favorites: Avira and Bitdefender. It’s worth pointing out that the last two aren’t activated by default; the user needs to activate them from the options menu.

The idea behind this is to reduce the unreliability in the moment of detecting a virus. This doesn’t happen because the signature databases is incomplete or because the main engine is poor, but because the methods that every company uses are different. In the case of 360 Total Security Essential this becomes redundant, however it’s worth noting that in some cases it marks something as a virus with 100% certainty when it may not be the case. Caution and a bit of common sense is advised.

To sum up,  360 Total Security Essential is a security platform that has a wide spectrum of features especially designed so that no flank of your computer is left exposed.

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Type Freeware


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