5by, a social network to search and to share videos


  • Complete database
  • Easy interface
  • Great video quality


  • No option to add subtitles

On Internet you can find thousands of videos of all kind, normally on websites dedicated to this purpose you will have a list of recommendations based on what you have seen previously. Now, with 5by you can find a different list of recommendations that will be based on your personality.

Once you install and run 5by the first of all will be to answer some questions to determine your interests and your personality. The kind of questions you will find are, for example: ‘what would you do…?’ ‘All your friends are…’ and similar, so that way your personality will defined and above all what makes you get excited. With this personality filter 5by will show the contents that will fit most with you so rarely you will find a video you don’t like.

Moreover, 5by includes an easy and intuitive interface that goes changing depending which day of the week is or if it’s the morning or night… Besides, it also creates different categories such as ‘fan of sports’ ‘studying’ ‘to laugh’ and many more.
With 5by you will have the chance to watch videos in HD quality and you will find different options to share the videos with your friends, using different apps from your mobile device or even from the own 5by interface. Moreover, you could check from where the videos come: Youtube or any other similar website.

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Type Freeware

Version 3.1.5

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