A Better Finder Attributes


A Better Finder Attributes: modifies the proprieties of your files and not die trying


  • Change the attributes of your files.
  • Face with rules of consistency automatically.
  • Find and delete invisible files.


  • It’s unlikely you need this program constantly.

A Better Finder Attributes is other of the crusades of Publicspace Company to improve the functions of Finder. This program is essential for Mac, but it counts with some limitations that are basics for a great working.

A Better Finder Attributes is a program that allows you to change the attributes of your files on Mac, so you can put different dates of creation, modification, last reading, etc. so you can adjust them to your needs.

May be that can be the inconvenient of A Better Finder Attributes: although improves Finder, it does it with a function that you are not going to use all the time. Don’t think that A Better Finder Attributes is to ‘falsify’ information, but a lot of times exist problems when you migrate files or you upload them to a server due they are not in the same time zone or they have a date that doesn’t match with the systems –for example, old photos in a new server). It doesn’t always happen, but there is no fast way to fix it when it happens.

Either is about only one file or a pack of complete files, A Better Finder Attributes can take charge of everything. Of course, the program won’t let you put a data before the creation data because the program respects the ‘common sense’, but it is able to face automatically with other rules. If you have some problem with files, download A Better Finder Attributes.

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Type Shareware

Version 6.00

Size 6.38 MB

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