A Better Finder Rename


A Better Finder Rename, the app to make bulk name changes


  • Powerful tool to make name changes
  • It works with big ammount of data
  • You can configurate it


  • It is not “one use app”

Do you work usually with image or video files directly taked from cams? Then you will know that there is a big problem with the names that this kind of devices create, becouse they give you archives with rare names like “IMG435345YU.jpg”; and as you can imagine, if you have to work with many of them it could be a madness. Then, what could you do to solutionate this problem? You can change the name record by record or download an app to make it automatically; and app like A Better Finder Rename.

Once opened  A Better Finder Rename you will see how you will have at your hands a great and intuitive interface to work with. You will have the option to load thousands of files making only one click, with the possibility to set all kind of changes like prefixes, suffixes, numeral orders, the number or characters, etc. Even you will have the chance to set the names according to the metadata.

In short words it is a great application that will help you a lot of when you need to work with many image or video files. It will be still hard work, but at least it will be a bit easier thanks to this app. Would you like to have it? Then, what are you waiting for to download  A Better Finder Rename?

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Type Shareware

Version 10.10

Size 7.2 MB

Other versions

10.10 10.09 10.07 10.05