A+ Folder Locker - Free Edition


Save encrypted files and protect all your private information

A+ Folder Locker - Free Edition is one of the best security applications to protect your private information. This program lets you save files, folders and even software in encrypted directories, to stop anybody from accessing them.

This free PC program includes a large amount of special tools to protect your privacy and ensure the integrity of your information. Its main function is to let you create “lockers” where you can save files, applications and even complete folders. These directories stop anybody from seeing their contents, unless they type the password. Besides, every attempt to access them without the correct credentials will be recorded.

On the other hand, A+ Folder Locker - Free Edition lets you hide files in plain sight, and “disguise” them so they don’t attract attention. For example, you can hide a document with financial information within a photograph, and when somebody wants to open it, they will only see the image, and won’t suspect there is another file.

Even better, A+ Folder Locker - Free Edition includes a tool to delete sensitive files definitely. Thus, nobody willbe able to recover them with specialized programs, and they’ll disappear permanently from the system.

Finally, it should be noted that A+ Folder Locker - Free Edition makes sure that your passwords don’t fall into the wrong hands. For example, it has a virtual keyboard to let you type them, so they won’t get recorded by malicious software such as keyloggers. In case you don’t trust a traditional password, this application also lets you use “patterns” in an image. This type of key is impossible to capture with malware, and is much more difficult for anybody to guess.

In summary, if you are looking for a program to keep your information safe, don’t hesitate to download A+ Folder Locker - Free Edition for free.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.1

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