A Man Escape, help the character to escape from the prison


  • Funny animations
  • Different finals


  • It could include more options to escape

A Man Escape is a challenging game in which you will have to help the character –a Stickman- to escape from prison. For that, you will have use different objects you will find on your cell and to avoid the security measures.
Those items will come hidden inside of a cake and they can be a mobile phone, a bazooka, a file, a drill and many other items. You will have to combine them to find the best way to escape without being discovered.

You have to be ready because once you get escape from your cell you won’t free so fast: it’s important to keep in mind that security guards are around and they are ready to stop you if they find you, so each one of the items you use to escape from your cell will let you to get out in a different way, so no one knows what happen with each of them. You will have to try and pray they don’t find you and the item really helps you.

Moreover, you have an alternative way to get your freedom using your mobile phone: you can call your lawyer who will have to tell to the judge why you will have to be free with the right evidences.

A Man Escape is a jigsaw puzzle very entertaining where you will have to put to the limit all your inventiveness to find the better way to escape from the prison. Will you be able to get it? Find it out downloading A Man Escape!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0

Size 7.13 MB

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