Manage all your databases and save all the information by using SQL server

Access 2013 is the database management tool in the newest Microsoft Office version. In this latest edition, the application will use SQL Server to save your information, and since it integrates with Office 365, it can also store data in the cloud to make it accessible from any device.

Manage your information with Access 15

Starting to work with Access 365 is much easier than with previous versions. You’ll have an extended library of templates and available models for your tables and databases. It means that you’ll be able to carry out a follow-up of events, people, tasks and other elements that are important for your work. In case you don’t find one that adapts to your needs, it´s possible to combine two or more templates into one, or modify the existing ones adding, deleting and moving fields. Each table has its own view, rules, relations and data integrity, so you’ll use a model that adapts to your needs and speeds up the job.

Something that clearly attracts attention in Access 2013 Preview is the renewed user interface in all the created apps. Browsing your database will be very convenient and simple, since the application automatically creates a view that adapts to the information shown. In case there are related data, this program will generate views with links to them, without you having to move a finger.

Just like the other tools in the Office 2013 suite, it completely integrates with other Microsoft services. One of the most notable examples is that Access Apps behaves in the same way as the Sharepoint Apps. Users will be able to use both indistinctly and access them from the same system, since security is centralized. Besides, it´s possible to view and use your Access apps from any Web browser, without having the software installed.

In summary, using database, customizing websites and creating reports with Access will be much easier and more dynamic with this new program version. You’ll have access to your data and information from any device, and you’ll enjoy a much more convenient interface. Download Access 2013 for free and improve your productivity!

• Integration with Sharepoint
• Improved user interface
• Better connectivity
• Wide range of options

• Nothing to report

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Type Shareware

Version Professional Plus 15.0.4454.10

Size 611.88 MB

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Professional Plus 15.0.4454.10 Preview (15.0.4128)