Ad-Aware Free Antivirus


The best antispyware presents its antivirus: Ad-Aware Free Antivirus


  • Comprehensive security pack.
  • Real time protection.
  • Different analysis modes.


  • It takes up a lot of space (almost 2GB) but it makes up for it in speed and agility.

Have you ever used Ad-Aware, the well-known software for detecting spy files? If the answer is yes, then you already know the potential of this program. On this occasion, Lavasoft have created a renovated and attractive product which has restructured antispyware to become a powerful antivirus. Version 10 of Ad-Aware is not just any security program, it’s now integral to information protection.

What are the advantages of Ad-Aware Free Antivirus?

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus offers real time protection with a system through which you can browse the internet freely without worrying about acquiring malicious files. This feature of the software works to permanently monitor the coming and going of information, and creates a virtual wall which captures any danger before it passes. The program is just as alert when you start a download from your email inbox or from a webpage, and will scan anything you want to be scanned to avoid any damage.

The program also has an excellent method of combatting viruses which, added together with the now traditional antispyware, can now detect anything from large viruses to trojans, worms, malware, spy programs, and many other threats. Likewise, Ad-Aware Free Antivirus provides a toolbar extension that works to paralyze any phishing activity—in other words, the attempts to steal data on behalf of online criminals.

In relation to the analysis itself, this program has dedicated itself to making the most of the computer’s resources to firm up its work as quickly as possible. It boasts automatic scanning that can detect malicious documents. As a result, you won’t need to spend time waiting for the cleaning process to start up, as Ad-Aware Free Antivirus will do it for you automatically.

The most convenience possible for users

According to Lavasoft, the key idea is to present the user with software that’s straightforward and easy to use from the get go. Ad-Aware Free Antivirus, therefore, includes a ‘game mode’ option that allows you to have the screen full of videos, entertainment and animations without being interrupted. In the event that the program detects something dangerous, it will wait until you finish your activities before advising you about it.

Finally, it’s worth stressing that Ad-Aware Free Antivirus will update itself automatically to always be up to date with the latest existing threats on the web. You’ll never again have to worry about manual updates, as this software is always looking to improve itself.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in getting hold of really comprehensive and robust security pack, don’t hang around any longer; download Ad-Aware Free Antivirus for free and start enjoying all it has to offer.

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Type Shareware

Version 12.2.889.11556

Size 2.51 MB

Other versions

12.2.889.11556 12.2.876.11542 12.1.856.11526 12.0.649.11190 12.0.636.11167