Adapter, the Mac app to make format conversions


  • It can make any format change
  • You can add subtitles and watter marks
  • Great profiles range to choose in
  • Preview tool included


  • It is not the better app for proffesionals

If you use usually media content you will know that there is a problem with Mac and the formats. There are many extensions in the market and the software developers are all the time launching new formats for this or that. Then, as you can imagine, this could be a crazy thing when you need to make an editing over this kind of archives or directly to play; you will see that many players give you problems for the extensions. Then, what can you do? Easy, becouse you only need a format conversor like Adapter.

Adapter is the software that will allow you make all kind of conversions between image and video formats. Do you have a .jpg file and do you need a .pages one? There is no problem. Do you have a .mpeg archive and do you need a .avi file? Neither is a problem. You also will have the chance to make editions to these files so you can add watter marks or subtitles.

In short words it is a great application that can help you when you manage a lot of media files. Then, if this is your case, what are you waiting for to download Adapter?

Adapter icon

Type Freeware

Version 2.1.6

Size 26.9 MB

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