Ads meet their end with Adblock


  • Block ads in Google Chrome.
  • Improve your privacy.
  • Avoid ads in YouTube.
  • Make your own blocking and filtering rules.


  • The design of some websites can be affected.

Adblock is an extension for Google Chrome that stops intrusive ads destroying your browsing experience. Don’t confuse Adblock for Adblock Plus; the latter  has been designed for Forefox.

Better security and a better viewing experience

The import thing in relation to Adblock is that it’s been designed with web page ads in mind. Developers behind the program don’t want to negatively affect the online economy, but they do want to end the barrage of ads that effectively destroy the browsing experience. No longer will you need to scroll down half the page to read an article, or click with surgical precision in a tiny area just to view a video.

What many people don’t know is that ads a lot of the time are more dangerous than they look; not only do they lead you to malicious websites, but also give away your personal information (your public Google or Facebook profile, for example). This is bad news for your computer’s security, but fortunately Adblock swoops in to act as the first line of defense.

Useful in YouTube

Adblock also blocks YouTube ads; now you won’t have to count down those seconds before clicking to see the video you want as Adblock slips right through that barrier and shows you want you want to see.
In this sense, the extension is pretty flexible—on the one hand, it’s extremely easy to make lists of permitted ads, on the other it’s simple to make personalized filters that block elements in which you don’t have the slightest bit of interest.

In short, the idea behind Adblock is that you can enjoy a much more user-friendly internet, with less intrusive ads and websites in which the priority is the content and not what it can sell you.

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Type Freeware

Version 3.32.0

Size 3.82 MB

Other versions

3.32.0 3.31.2 3.30.1 3.29.2 3.28.0