Adium, the app to chat with your Mac contacts


  • Multiprotocol communication service
  • Synchronization with Mac contacts guide
  • Conversations in tabs
  • Wide range of functions


  • You cannot make videoconferences

Do you remember chat times? IRC, MSN Messenger and this kind of applications gave us a great service when we needed to get in contact with our frinds. Today this services has dissapear from the first line of Internet and have been replaced by the social networks. However there are still applications that are giving battle to the world trying to recuperate the universal chat, and one of them is Adium.

Adium is an app that takes your Mac contacts and makes a global chat with all them, regardless they have been taken from this or that social network. You will have the possibility to chat with all of them using only one platform.

In short words it is a great application that will help you to stay in contact with all your friends; and the best of all, keeping the classic chat system. It comes with new features and face cleaning, but with the same spirit of always. Would you like to have it installed in your Mac? Then, what are you looking for to download Adium? It is a free app, so no payings will be asked you once you download, run or use. It´s time to chat!

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Type Freeware


Size 24.16 MB

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