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Only with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC can you make the most of PDF


  • Wide range of tools.
  • Revised comments section.
  • ID protection guaranteed.
  • Integrated online functions.


  • Doesn’t include editing options.

Many of the electronic files that we deal with in our day to day lives are text documents used by companies in presentations, technical specifications and guides, organizational literature...the list is endless. For this reason the subject of which type of document is no small matter; it needs to have the right amount of flexibility to carry out all types of work, but also be strong enough to hold the information without changes. As a result, PDF and its related programs are now held in the highest regard.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and PDFs: a perfect union

As we all know, PDF stands for Portable Document Format, developed by the multinational Adobe to meet the demands outlined above in a structured and professional way. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC could be considered the ‘official’ program in which to view PDFs, as it too was developed by Adobe.
You would have to say that currently PDF is considered an ‘open’ format, as you don’t need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC; you can use other programs instead. Having said that, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is normally the default viewer, and that includes mobile devices and other operating systems.

Free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Only with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC can you make the most of reading these types of documents. With the official software you can read, sort pages, carry out searches, place tags and marks, and much more. This article is related to the free version that you can use without restriction on your PC, but if you want to convert, edit or sign off a PDF document you should opt for the paid version.
In 2008 PDF became a standard ISO, owing to its usefulness to the general public. Despite the surge of alternatives, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is still the best option.

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