Adobe Audition CS5


Edit audio with Adobe


  • Intuitive interface
  • Advanced audio effects
  • Free 30 day trial download


  • Some features are not available in this version

Adobe Audition CS5 is an audio- editing tool for PC and Mac. It is the fourth edition of Adobe Audition released a part of Adobe Creative Suite or available as a standalone product.  The software allows you to record, mix, edit, and master digital audio files in order to produce music or voice recordings.  The software features all the highlights from the first versions of the software with added extras and a more user- friendly interface

Create your own video soundtrack

The program features the standard assembly panel for this type of software with simple drag and drop tools to edit your audio. You can import your own video and add a soundtrack over the top using songs, sounds or voice recordings.  

There is free trial version for 30 days to see if the software suits your needs. Download is quick and simple and there are virtually no system requirements.

The software features a number of audio effects each of which help improve the quality of your sound 

The software responds very quickly to your commands and processes are fast to load.  You can import videos and other files in a matter of minutes. If you are looking to complete a project quickly you can import a file or apply a process and keep working on your project in the meantime.  This means that you never waste time waiting around for the software to load. 

Interface makes it easy

The simple interface makes it easy to download, install and to start editing your content.    There are detailed explanations available on Adobe’s website which explains the point of each effect and how it can be applied. Although some features need experience to use properly, the simple interface means that beginners can easily use the software as well.  One negative is that some previously included features like CD burning are not available in this version.

Audio features

The software features a number of audio effects each of which help improve the quality of your sound.  First you can boost or attenuate an audio signal using the amplify effect.  This simply changes the volume at which you hear a sound.  You can also correct mismatched levels between two sounds or change the positions of sounds using the channel mixer effect.  Other effects include the DeEsser which reduces the distortions in high-frequency sounds and the Dynamic Processing Effect which ensures that all your sounds are at a consistent volume level.  These effects are easy to understand and apply and will noticeably improve the sound quality.

Overall Adobe Audition CS5 is an effective tool for editing and improving audio quality. The easy to use interface means the software is accessible for beginners as well as experienced sound editors. You can use your 30 day trial to create your own video soundtrack and play around with the audio effects.  Download Adobe Audition CS5 and create your own studio at home!

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Type Shareware

Version 5.5

Size 143.67 MB

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