Adobe Camera Raw

Adobe Camera Raw is an excellent add-on for the powerful Adobe Photoshop editor. This add-on will let you process all your images in the RAW format.

The most current digital cameras on the market let you take photographs in the RAW format. This extension is superior to the more commonly known JPEG format, since it conserves the image quality better, doesn’t have any type of compression, and, when editing, lets you work with the data of each of the document’s layers.

To manually integrate this application within your editor you just have to follow these simple steps:
• Download the file to your computer
• In your computer, go to the Adobe directory, specifically to the “File Format” folder.
• Copy the file Adobe Camera Raw in this folder
• Open the Photoshop folder normally and import an image in the RAW format
• A control panel will automatically run, letting you freely retouch your photograph

From now on, Adobe Camera Raw will let you experiment with all aspects of the photograph taken in the RAW format. It currently offers support for over 100 digital camera models, making it a tool that any photographer should have available for carrying out projects.

• Easy to use compared to similar applications
• Large compatibility with all RAW formats
• Large support for every photographic camera model

• Less fidelity in details, compared to specific add-ons provided by each manufacturer
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Type Freeware

Version 7.1

Size 49.92 MB

Other versions

7.1 6.7 6.7 RC 1 6.6 6.4