Adobe DNG Converter


Adobe DNG Converter: converting RAW files into DNG


  • It creates DNG files with no problem
  • Compatible with more than 600 cam brands
  • Easy to use interface


  • You should bit experience managing image formats to use all the power of the app

Do you enjoy shoting photos to all that moves in front of you? It´s nice! The world in there to catch the best momments; but, what happen when you have to work with the cams RAW files? This format, that is usual in this kind of devices, is not the same all time; and the reason for this is basic: the cam brands manage their own RAW files, and there are differences between them. Then, as you can imagine, if the brand cuts the service to his RAW format, you coud have problems with compatibilities. Then, what can you do? Easy, you should download Adobe DNG Converter.

DNG format is an open code format developed by Adobe and focused in the RAW conversions to DNG. Making this transfer you will have a compatibility with more than 600 cam providers, using a format that has converted into a standard. You will not have problems if the brand dissapear, becouse you will not depend of his services. And the best of all is that in the process the quality of the file will be kept.

In short words you will have at your hands a nice app that will allow you to store your photos with no fear about what could happen in the future. Would you like to have it in your Mac? Then, what are you waiting for to download Adobe DNG Converter?

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Type Freeware

Version 9.7.668

Size 260.85 MB

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