Web edition with visual functions and great compatibility

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is one of the best web editing programs. This application offers you visual functions and handling of HTML code that conform to current Internet standards.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 offers greater compatibility with cascading style sheets, CCS3. This application includes multimedia modules for working with HTML5 contents and interaction with QuickTime video and tags. Also, through the use of the PhoneGap tool and the jQuery JavaScript library, it lets you assemble native applications for the main mobile operating systems: Android and IOS.

Finally, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 integrates an online service called BrowserLab, that lets you view your work and confirm how it looks in Web browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

• Integration with Adobe CS5 applications
• Includes Adobe BrowserLab to view contents in Web browsers
• Support for multilanguage programming

• Licensing is very expensive

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 limitations:
• 30-day trial

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 icon

Type Shareware

Version CS 5.5

Size 429.3 MB

Other versions

CS 5.5 11.4.909