Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is the latest version of the world’s most widespread and most used Web editor. This release includes several innovations that will surely satisfy all designers.

Innovations in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

FTP transfer. The programming of the FTP transfer engine has been improved; as a result, from now on, when you upload all the site’s items to the Web you’ll finish much sooner. This will be especially useful when uploading large files, since the transfer is multithreaded.

Design for mobile phones. You’ll be able to design applications that work natively with the Android and Apple iOS operating systems. The design of this type of software is used to reach a massive audience, and now this task is made much simpler, since jQuery Mobile compatibility was updated.

Besides, you can use the built-in Adobe PhoneGap tool to emulate the phones’ environment and try out how your applications work.

Transition to CSS3. Thanks to this feature, any environment created with CSS code can be converted to CSS3 without losses. That way all your designs will become alive, without sacrificing anything.

Updated preview. With this tool, the user can try out the web pages before publishing them. For this purpose, when activating this command, a WebKit rendering engine is run with which it becomes possible to have complete compatibility with HTML code, including version 5. Besides, it´s possible to combine the preview with the multiscreen function, to simultaneously try out the operation of applications and environments.

In summary, with this program you’ll be able to create advanced designs. Although it can be used by beginners and fans, the software is oriented towards professional programmers or programmers in training, since technical knowledge in this area is required to make full use of its potential.

• Compatible with HTML5
• Simultaneous preview in various resolutions
• Generates operating system environments to test apps for devices

• Nothing to report

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 12.0 Build 5808

Size 333.78 MB

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12.0 Build 5808